Dec 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow, can't believe a year has gone by ...and so quickly..
I'm busy completing two more action chapters for "Spirit Of A Rare Breed"..and then on to the editor.. Most of the novel is finally complete..Hopefully, it will be ready by early spring.
It has been sooooo cold and windy at our farm. Our horses are finding sheltered areas to stay in and seem to cherish the sun, when it shows. Their thick curly coats keep them warm but they welcome the end of the day when they come into the barn and settle in their stalls. Even though the winds blow.. the barn stays much warmer. It must be the high roof with stacks of hay for insulation. Even our barn cat does not want to venture out into the wind. She prefers to stay in the barn or her crate which is filled with shavings to lounge in.
Stay well and stay safe...

Dec 11, 2009

Curly Horses featured in Horse Illustrated

I was pleased to see the December issue of Horse Illustrated featured our beloved Curly horses.

It was a wonderful article and the Curly horses looked beautiful.

The snow and cold has really made our horses frisky. Winds are whipping through the fields, kicking up snow and tossing its sparkling crystals across the frozen ground. It is quite beautiful but very cold. Attached is our barn in all of its snow filled glory. Enjoy the winter weather...spring is sure to come.

Spirit Of A Rare Breed

Today I am posting a small portion of a chapter that I find exciting and emotional. It is about a pack of coyotes and their visit to Sam's farm. Of course her special filly, Kai, is involved in the coyote encounter. Stay tuned for more of "Spirit of a Rare Breed".

The sound of coyotes howling at night had awakened Sam for the past week. The howls and yelps were loud and eerie and at times they seemed to be right under her bedroom window. Sometimes their cries came from the excitement of a fresh kill and the night was filled with their incessant yelps and snarls. When she heard that sound she felt sorry for the animal that was now feed for the hungry coyotes.
It was said in town that a coyote pack had taken down a new calf and each night Sam locked the door of Rudy and Roger’s pen and made sure that all the chickens were closed in their hen house. Before she pulled the barn doors shut at night, she counted all the cats while they were at the feed bowls. The cats seemed to sense the danger and didn’t stray far from the protection of the barn and Mia, the black cat, stayed high in the rafters of the barn, only coming down to eat.
It was two in the morning and once again the screams from the pack of coyotes woke Sam from a sound sleep. She sprang from the bed, stepped into her slippers and grabbed her robe putting her arms into the sleeves as she raced to the kitchen door. All three dogs were growling and pawing at the door and the hairs on the backs of their necks were raised. They were set to run out the door to chase the intruders away from their property and Sam had to hold them back by their collars.
“Stay”, she sternly spoke to each of the dogs as she pulled them away from the door. “You’re not going anywhere near that noise Jazz.” Sam scolded the anxious dog who was right at her heels.
Sam grabbed her flashlight, opened the door and went out onto the back porch. The night was pitch black and the moon was hidden by dense cloud cover. Rain was in the forecast and the air felt damp and filled with moisture. Sam didn’t want to chance leaving the porch but she shone her flashlight onto the back yard. She moved the flashlight slowly from one end of the yard to the other looking for what she feared she would see. Sure enough two yellow eyes were caught in the light and stared back at her.
“Oh my gosh,” she gasped. “They’re right in my back yard.” Sam raced back into the house and grabbed her shotgun from the closet and ran back onto the porch. She held the flashlight ahead of her and once again slowly moved the light over the yard. Nothing! She must have startled the last of the pack but the site of the yellow eyes glaring at her made shivers run up her spine.
The night was once again silent, but she stood on her porch for a moment longer to see if the howling would start again.

Dec 1, 2009

Another Chapter in "Spirit of a Rare Breed"

Today the sun came out and I have more energy. Dark, dreary, rainy days make me feel like sleeping rather than working. The cooler days give promise of the long winter that is sure to come, although the temperature most days would fool you into thinking it is still fall. Kahasi and Wil have begun their winter coats and most days love rolling in some mud that has settled on the lower field. How is it that horses can find the smallest puddle to spatter themselves with so much mud? Free, and her mom Sun, keep one ear cocked towards the barn and the sound from the wheelbarrow's squeaky wheels brings them trotting up to the door for cookies.
I am reviewing my latest chapter. It is about a coyote pack and the attack on one of the fillys. Coyotes have been a problem in town and I hear them howling at night, sometimes it seems right in my back yard.
For now, the mall is calling. Time to try and get some Christmas shopping done.

Nov 27, 2009

Sandy and Wil American Bashkir Curly


latest photo of KaHaSi

This is Kahasi this fall showing the beginning of his winter coat. He is always at the barn door looking for cookies or his friend, Mia, the black cat.

"Spirit of a Rare Breed"

Today is a damp and dreary rainy one...and I'm going to finish up a new chapter in the novel. Although the novel is essentially complete, I have added three new chapters with more action. My editor is waiting and says she has given me enough time and I need to move on. So, here goes. thought I would be ready to publish by Christmas, but now thanks to my fantastic editor, I am shooting for early spring complete the journey of Sam and friends as they have fun with the Curly horses.

Jul 12, 2009

A peak at my novel

Today I am posting a synopsis of my novel which will be complete by the end of summer. Whew!! writing a novel can be a daunting process. My novel has morphed and grown and it is taking on a live of its own. Comments are appreciated.

Samantha Steele, a single mom, is not your typical woman.
Sam’s love of Curly horses and her passion to fulfill a dream of owning a horse farm, leads her on a journey filled with challenges and amusing ventures.
The rural town setting is perfect for enjoying the adventures of Sam and her long-time friend Addie as they work to introduce their beloved curlies into the horse world of established breeds.
Sam’s journey, in bringing her dream to fruition is fraught with twists and turns, trials and tribulations.
Her dedication and drive, to achieve her goal, often puts her at odds with her personal life. Sam does not trust or make time for romantic interests. That is, until she meets a local man who weaves his way into her heart.
Sam and her friends provide a warm and lighthearted insight into the horse world with all of its promises and disappointments. She realizes that she must be quick to change plans and she must never get stuck in old habits or beliefs.
Sam's story is one of success and change. However, sometimes events out of her control happen and she must ask for help if she is to achieve her dream.

May 23, 2009

I have been busy working and I am 3/4 finished

I thought I had better log into my blog and update you on my progress writing. I am at the 3/4 of the way on my Novel. It is fun writing about the 2 women, Sam and Addie, and their Curly horse farms.
I have been reading the chapters in my Creative Writing Class and they have been very supportive and keep asking for more. I have also had it previewed in one of the local writing columns in our newspaper. I felt very pleased to have had a good review.
Writing a novel is a daunting experience. It means setting the time aside, putting the characters in place and a ton of rewriting.
I feel I could spend my life on the computer.
Today I spent time with my horses and groomed them. The black flies are back and I had to put their face masks on. At least the flies cannot eat their ears.
A few months ago, I spent time with a successful author who writes about Morgan horses. Her audience is young girls. My novel is for adults or young women readers.
Anyway, the author went through all of the work that it requires and shared her story with me. She gave me some tips on self-publishing, which is how I will go. She also encouraged me to continue and see where the novel takes me.
So, if anyone has any advice or ideas....please feel free to add them to my blog. I welcome all advice and ideas.
talk to you soon, I promise,

Mar 20, 2009

Writing this novel is so much fun

Between teaching, my horses and family ..writing a novel is a lot of work... but soooooo much fun.

I think I have "a ton" of ideas and experiences ..and I need to put them into my novel in a fun way. I'm living my life through the 2 women in my book and I'm finding them very interesting.

They are fun ..and work hard at keeping all of the things in their life together. As most horse women know, having a family and horses as well as a job is a lot of work.

My friends who don't have horses always ask "How do you do it? Horses seem like soooo much work!" I reply "when you love isn't work". And that's the way I've always felt about horses... I love them!

One of my friends, phoned the other day. Her gelding has been boarded for 3 months while she was in Florida. We had a conversation about when she was going to bring Bandi home and she remarked that.... having horses has kept her young. It made me think about all of the body and brain exercises used when you own horses...Lifting hay bales, mucking stalls, brushing ,cleaning the barn, riding, lifting bags of grain and shavings...I could go on and on. It's easy to be a couch potato...I love that too...but horses make you use your physical body and your mental capacities. Better than the gym...although I admit ...I'm trying to get there a few times a week. Got to get in shape for hay time..

Anyway, writing a novel is a lonely type of project....but it's mental exercise..So, here I go again..another chapter to bring into my writing group...Hope they like it.. I think it is a fun one.

Mar 10, 2009

New novel about American Bashkir Curly and the women who love them


This is my first time writing a blog.

Why a blog??? I decided to write a blog to help me to stay on task and to share my experience in writing my first novel.

My novel features two women and their lives on their farms with their beloved Curly horses. This is the common thread that bonds the women and creates the backdrop for a long lasting friendship.

My novel is about their farms, their struggles,their friendship and adventures. Two farms, two women and their lives intertwined in experiences with the Curly horse breed.

"It is an easy, interesting read", so my fellow writers and family members tell me.

I belong to a writing group. Several members have published books and their encouragement has moved me along this path.

I love writing and especially writing about the Curly horses.I have done articles for horse journals and horse magazines, about the curlies, so I have lived the experience and I love telling farm stories with fun and humor.

So, here goes...

If you are interested to hear more ...I welcome your comments.