May 23, 2009

I have been busy working and I am 3/4 finished

I thought I had better log into my blog and update you on my progress writing. I am at the 3/4 of the way on my Novel. It is fun writing about the 2 women, Sam and Addie, and their Curly horse farms.
I have been reading the chapters in my Creative Writing Class and they have been very supportive and keep asking for more. I have also had it previewed in one of the local writing columns in our newspaper. I felt very pleased to have had a good review.
Writing a novel is a daunting experience. It means setting the time aside, putting the characters in place and a ton of rewriting.
I feel I could spend my life on the computer.
Today I spent time with my horses and groomed them. The black flies are back and I had to put their face masks on. At least the flies cannot eat their ears.
A few months ago, I spent time with a successful author who writes about Morgan horses. Her audience is young girls. My novel is for adults or young women readers.
Anyway, the author went through all of the work that it requires and shared her story with me. She gave me some tips on self-publishing, which is how I will go. She also encouraged me to continue and see where the novel takes me.
So, if anyone has any advice or ideas....please feel free to add them to my blog. I welcome all advice and ideas.
talk to you soon, I promise,