Jul 12, 2009

A peak at my novel

Today I am posting a synopsis of my novel which will be complete by the end of summer. Whew!! writing a novel can be a daunting process. My novel has morphed and grown and it is taking on a live of its own. Comments are appreciated.

Samantha Steele, a single mom, is not your typical woman.
Sam’s love of Curly horses and her passion to fulfill a dream of owning a horse farm, leads her on a journey filled with challenges and amusing ventures.
The rural town setting is perfect for enjoying the adventures of Sam and her long-time friend Addie as they work to introduce their beloved curlies into the horse world of established breeds.
Sam’s journey, in bringing her dream to fruition is fraught with twists and turns, trials and tribulations.
Her dedication and drive, to achieve her goal, often puts her at odds with her personal life. Sam does not trust or make time for romantic interests. That is, until she meets a local man who weaves his way into her heart.
Sam and her friends provide a warm and lighthearted insight into the horse world with all of its promises and disappointments. She realizes that she must be quick to change plans and she must never get stuck in old habits or beliefs.
Sam's story is one of success and change. However, sometimes events out of her control happen and she must ask for help if she is to achieve her dream.