Sep 20, 2013

Hello my blogger friends and family

Hello friends and family.
 It has been a while since I last blogged. Promise I will not let it go this long again. So much is going on and i have been busy with my group of author friends. 
 'Saving GiGi' has been a big seller and many are now reading the first Samantha Steele novel, 'Spirit of A Rare Breed.'
 Readers love to follow Samantha Steele and her friends. Of course my novels feature the wonderful  American Curly horses, but they are so much more than that. I have loved featuring the Mini horses in my second novel, a mystery that takes Sam and her friends on a search for the mysterious Pine Hollow Farm. I love mysteries and am writing my 3rd in the Samantha Steele series. My new novel is another fun filled mystery featuring horses and new characters. Look for an American Quarter Horse to add to the new mystery.
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Jul 9, 2013

Monson Massachusetts Summerfest 4th of July was a great way to introduce 'Saving Gigi'

Saving GiGi great success!

My new novel 'Saving Gigi' is a huge success. Great sales and lots of interest. It is a mystery for lovers of horses and all mystery fans. It is suitable for all ages from Young adults to all adult ages.
Here is a photo of two fellow authors Durham Caldwell and Sparkie Allison at one of our events.

Apr 24, 2013

Saving GiGi

My new novel is ready for sale and it is a mystery you will love to read.
  'Samantha Steele finds herself entangled in a mystery involving her new friend Lyla Bernhart and her Mini horse GiGi.
 Circumstances force Lyla to share a secret with Sam about the farm in Vermont where GiGi was born.
 With Lyla's information, Sam and her friend Addie work to unravel the mystery of Pine Hollow Farm and the man called Doc whom Lyla feared. 
 However, all is not what it appears to be and Sam and Addie find themselves involved in a twisted web of intrigue.'