Mar 20, 2009

Writing this novel is so much fun

Between teaching, my horses and family ..writing a novel is a lot of work... but soooooo much fun.

I think I have "a ton" of ideas and experiences ..and I need to put them into my novel in a fun way. I'm living my life through the 2 women in my book and I'm finding them very interesting.

They are fun ..and work hard at keeping all of the things in their life together. As most horse women know, having a family and horses as well as a job is a lot of work.

My friends who don't have horses always ask "How do you do it? Horses seem like soooo much work!" I reply "when you love isn't work". And that's the way I've always felt about horses... I love them!

One of my friends, phoned the other day. Her gelding has been boarded for 3 months while she was in Florida. We had a conversation about when she was going to bring Bandi home and she remarked that.... having horses has kept her young. It made me think about all of the body and brain exercises used when you own horses...Lifting hay bales, mucking stalls, brushing ,cleaning the barn, riding, lifting bags of grain and shavings...I could go on and on. It's easy to be a couch potato...I love that too...but horses make you use your physical body and your mental capacities. Better than the gym...although I admit ...I'm trying to get there a few times a week. Got to get in shape for hay time..

Anyway, writing a novel is a lonely type of project....but it's mental exercise..So, here I go again..another chapter to bring into my writing group...Hope they like it.. I think it is a fun one.

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