Dec 1, 2009

Another Chapter in "Spirit of a Rare Breed"

Today the sun came out and I have more energy. Dark, dreary, rainy days make me feel like sleeping rather than working. The cooler days give promise of the long winter that is sure to come, although the temperature most days would fool you into thinking it is still fall. Kahasi and Wil have begun their winter coats and most days love rolling in some mud that has settled on the lower field. How is it that horses can find the smallest puddle to spatter themselves with so much mud? Free, and her mom Sun, keep one ear cocked towards the barn and the sound from the wheelbarrow's squeaky wheels brings them trotting up to the door for cookies.
I am reviewing my latest chapter. It is about a coyote pack and the attack on one of the fillys. Coyotes have been a problem in town and I hear them howling at night, sometimes it seems right in my back yard.
For now, the mall is calling. Time to try and get some Christmas shopping done.

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