Jun 12, 2010

Who is Addie Andris?

In the novel, "Spirit of a Rare Breed" Addie is one of the main characters.
Addie is Sam's close friend and the owner of a Curly horse farm in Vermont. Not only does Addie breed and sell Curly horses but she owns and manages a therapeutic riding center. This program is a large part of who Addie is.
Addie's Curly horses have proved to be the ideal breed for her riding center. Their calm temperament and hypoallergenic hair trait made them ideal mounts for her special needs children and at risk youth program.
Addie is a fiercely independent and determined young woman. Since her husband died, she and her young daughter have worked hard to breed, train and sell the best Curly horses. She is dedicated to her family and to her friend, Sam. Together, they share their love for the rare breed and work diligently to bring them to the attention of horse lovers every where.
Addie's husband Andy died when her teen-age daughter was a young child. Although Addie always looks for romance, she never allows herself open up her heart to another man. There is no one who can replace Andy in her heart or in her mind.
Addie is a strong, adventuresome woman and readers will love to follow Sam and her as they work together to bring attention to their beloved Curly horses.

Jun 4, 2010

Ringo and Ranger

Ranger is now getting almost as big as Ringo. He is growing quickly and is a wonderful, happy pup!

The novel is now ready for shipping!

Books are in and ready to go! Yeah!! The orders are coming in and books are shipped as soon as orders are received. Positive feedback is pouring in and I am sooooo happy!