Mar 10, 2009

New novel about American Bashkir Curly and the women who love them


This is my first time writing a blog.

Why a blog??? I decided to write a blog to help me to stay on task and to share my experience in writing my first novel.

My novel features two women and their lives on their farms with their beloved Curly horses. This is the common thread that bonds the women and creates the backdrop for a long lasting friendship.

My novel is about their farms, their struggles,their friendship and adventures. Two farms, two women and their lives intertwined in experiences with the Curly horse breed.

"It is an easy, interesting read", so my fellow writers and family members tell me.

I belong to a writing group. Several members have published books and their encouragement has moved me along this path.

I love writing and especially writing about the Curly horses.I have done articles for horse journals and horse magazines, about the curlies, so I have lived the experience and I love telling farm stories with fun and humor.

So, here goes...

If you are interested to hear more ...I welcome your comments.

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